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Welcome to the STORC OB Safety Initiative
The State Obstetric and Pediatric Research Collaboration (STORC), located in Portland, Oregon, is a multi-disciplinary organization that seeks to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes. Our research and innovations are focused on leveraging IT and team training.

STORC seeks to improve the health and safety of women and children. This is accomplished through an interdisciplinary program of research, discovery, innovation and training the next generation of researchers to achieve excellence.
OB Health

OB Health IT solutions such as the STORC OB Electronic Health Record and VBAC patient decision aid that improve health, streamline healthcare, empower patients, ensure quality and safety, and catalyze research.

OB Safety

OB Safety Identify problems through our anonymous secure OB Safety Reporting System (OBSRS) and share results and solutions through our OB Safety Forum .

OB Simulation

OB Simulation Improving obstetric safety through onsite simulation and teamwork education

Helping Good Teams Become Extraordinary Teams. CORDS is a comprehensive program with structured evidence-based teamwork training for clinical teams to rehearse responding to clinical events and to practice, evaluate and improve teamwork. This mobile program is designed to assist institutions, of all sizes and locations, to discover systems improvements, measure ongoing improvements in safety, and for evaluation and measurement of teamwork in the real-life clinical setting. Additional web-based resources provide ongoing safety evaluation and learning.

OB Teamwork

OB Teamwork CTS - Clinical Teamwork Scale:

  • Helping hospitals identify factors that predict good teamwork at their site. 
  • Helping teams build superior teamwork skills through state of the art education and simulation.